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Here you can find some interesting articles about our tailor-ship and how things are done.

  • New-david-jone-tailor-in-patong-long-tradition-and-fair-pricing7
    2.5 min readPublished On: August 30, 2022

     The intricacies of the suit, as much as the outfit itself, characterize the character.              It's commonly known that the front of a

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  • 1.4 min readPublished On: August 20, 2022

    A suit vent is a vertical slit that rises from the bottom hem of a suit jacket or blazer on the backside, for

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  • best-tailor-in-patong-with-best-prices-New-david-jone-tailor-in-patong-suit-fabric-in-phuket-26
    2.2 min readPublished On: August 11, 2022

    bespoke suit is, broadly speaking, an item of clothing that has been specifically tailored to order by a professional tailor.           According to the

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  • New-david-jone-tailor-in-patong-long-tradition-and-fair-pricing1
    2.1 min readPublished On: July 28, 2022

    There are two main types of men's wear: single-breasted and double-breasted. In reference to the placement of the buttons on the jacket or coat

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  • best-tailor-in-patong-with-best-prices-New-david-jone-tailor-in-patong-suit-fabric-in-phuket-3
    2.1 min readPublished On: June 17, 2022

    Are Suits Necessary? Priorities are given and being treated with preferences We immediately discovered that people are typically treated far better in all

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