Our most common questions we get


Throughout our tailoring experience many of our clients always agree that a tailored suit will be the grand prize due to them going for the best choice rather than a basic, therefore we can answer a tailored suit wholeheartedly.

A tailored suit is definitely a better option hence the suit that you’ll get will have a better fit with a better structure that will compliment your body type and it will be to your liking and elevate your look even more.

Customization is also another factor here because you’ll be able to choose the type of fabric you want, the color, the linings, the buttons, the pockets and much more to create your dream suit at the best price point.
Even Though we have many price ranges, the quality of the fabric also goes along, so you can be sure that you’re paying for what you get and by adding a little bit more to the budget, you could surely thrive for the best quality out there.

Whether it is for a big or a small business, we can surely say that we can provide uniforms for all. In the past we have done a wide range of uniforms for companies in many different work areas and even sport clubs, so you can trust us and we know we won’t disappoint you.

The custom tailored  uniforms that we have created is a mixture of bringing the client’s idea into real life and adding a twist of style to fit each and every member whether it is adding their names, their color or even their signature. We’ve done all and we know that we can do even more to satisfy our customers.

We also uplift the attire as we make sure to make them function to the certain workfield.

Since every company is different, we need to make sure that we, as the manufacturer, understand the style and niche and as part of the agency, you should make sure the idea, style and niche is laid out.

Moreover, along the journey, we may have to check through the designs a lot, so we would encourage having an appointment with us, both online and offline at our tailor.

The measuring appointment we provide both at our tailor and your hotel that is within Patong or Phuket.

We also provide online appointments, where if you’re ordering from our website, but may have questions, we can help you solve them during the sessions. However, if there are no questions then you may fill out our measurement form on the website and send it to us.

Most of the measuring process will take up to 30 minutes – 1 hour, both at the shop and your hotel.

During this time we’ll also go through the structure of your items; how well fitted would you like?, how long would you like? and more.

You could also suggest some changes for your items, for example; the color of the buttons, the lining colors and more.

We do not have a minimum order requirement, you could order as much as you prefer and if it’s for a big event we are also able to provide you.

In the past we tailored items for a wedding and the bride’s side along with the groom’s group of friends.

In Addition to this, if you’re ordering online we also don’t have a minimum requirement and we also ship for free via DHL!

We offer a variety of price points to fit your budget, but keep in mind that the prices depend on the quality of the fabrics used to make the items.

The higher the quality, you may have to go over your budget, but if you don’t mind the fabric and want to stick to your budget, that is also fine.

For more information about the price of the fabric, you can look on our website or the best option would be to book an appointment with us.

The suits we offer have different prices according to the quality of the fabric, so we advise you to check our website as the prices are listed there.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask us and contact us via our social media.

There is no additional fee, as we don’t want our consumers to spend extra money on anything other than the fabric price, buttons and other extra customizations.

For our ladies, you can order anything you desire, whether it is a suit, dress, blouse, vest, you name it and we’ll make it.

If an answer is needed or you have other specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

However, we do recommend you to come and meet us at our shop in Patong, or book an online appointment to help you and go through small details.

Of course!, you may schedule an appointment anywhere in Patong or even Phuket. Keep in mind that it’s free, and we don’t charge any money for this service. Just relax and choose what’s easy for you, we’ll be at your service in no time.

Shipping and delivery

Yes, they can be delivered overseas. You may choose whatever is convenient to you, whether you’re ordering online via our website (newdjtailor.com) or at our shop in Patong. If you’re ordering online the shipping price will be included with the product, same goes to when you’re purchasing at our shop.

The payments we accept are cash, mainly baht, but we also accept other currencies as well, usually depending on how high or low that currency is. If ordering from overseas, we accept payments via Wise and you can send it to us in Baht. However, some inconveniences may occur, but we will try our best to work it out, so don’t stress about it.

Of course, you can continue with your holiday anddd get a tailored suit. This is usually because a suit can take up between 3 to 7 days, but keep in mind that the more time you give us to make the suit, the better it’ll be. Hence, we can go through errors and check for any changes that can be made to make it fit you better. Even Though, the tailor made items can be made within the span of 1-3 days, it wouldn’t be the best and there would be space for potential.

When purchasing in Thailand it usually takes 3-7 days, but if you’re on a quick trip and need your items early, then it’ll take 1-2 days, only when rushed. These are the amount of days including the 1st,2nd and 3rd fitting, along with consulting; fabrics, patterns, buttons, linings and more. However, when ordering overseas it may take some time due to the posting company, but when manufacturing the items it may take up to 3-7 days as normal. We usually ship via DHL, so you may check on the website for how long it will take for the items to get delivered from Thailand to your company. Nonetheless, from what we have seen from the past is that shipping may take up 7 days (minimum) to 20 days (maximum). We will try our best to make sure that the items arrive in time, but please keep in mind that delays may happen due to weekends, public holidays and more.  We would also like to inform you that, when you give us your address, please add all the information, hence mistakes happen and the items may be sent back to us.

We ship with DHL and they provide services throughout 220 countries, worldwide, so no worries about us being unable to ship to your country.  You can just order on your devices and have us ship them out for you, all of it not being a hassle.

We ship with DHL and they provide services throughout 220 countries, worldwide, so no worries about us being unable to ship to your country.  You can just order on your devices and have us ship them out for you, all of it not being a hassle.


Yes, we do save all of our customers’ measurements, as of now. Therefore, when you come and order for more, but you’re not in the best situation to come to our shop, then feel free to tell us and we’ll wrap up your product as fast as possible.  If you’re ordering online and you order for the second time, then there’s always a form for you to fill out your measurements and if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us or even tell us to have a consulting period, to finish the measurements, customizations and more.

However, if you are an old client of ours and want to order our items abroad (for the 2nd time) and we don’t have your measurements, don’t worry, you can fill out the form for the items you want to order, for example a jacket then go to this link; https://newdjtailor.com/measurement-for-tailor-made-suits-pants-and-shirts-in-phuket (it is on the navigation bar, Our Services -> Measuring Guide). It’s simple and will be done in no time :)

Well, a fitting usually takes 10-20 minutes per session, but if more time is given within that session, there will be space for advancements and customization. Not to mention that, during this period of time, consulting us is also an option, you could ask for advice on the style, pockets, fabrics, linings and more. Moreover, you’ll have to go through 3 fittings, at least, depending on how perfect the items fit on your body and go through everything, to make sure no mistakes are made. However, if you have only 2-3 days at most, then the fittings are going to be rushed, so feel free to let us know when you’re free and what time would be the best for you. If there are any changes you’d like for your items, please let us know as fast as possible, before we finalize and give you the product.

Of Course, you can order your tailored items with the designs you have in mind. When going through what kind of items you would like, feel free to show us the designs both inside and outside. If there are many ideas, then we can go through them together and make you come up with the best design that is made for you and you only. Same goes to when you’re ordering online, send us a picture of your design and we’ll make it for you, the possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind that it may not be the same material, but we’ll try our best to make it alike and find the most similar lining, gems, pattern, patches and more.

Yes, of course,  it is possible for you to get a copy made. You may come to our shop and give us the item you want to get copied and look through some fabrics for the same or different color, it’s up to you. You can also tell us what adjustments you would like to add or remove (on the item being copied or the copied item). Consequently,  when wanting an item being copied, but you’re abroad, you can have the items sent to us and we may go through the colors and all the small details online via whatsapp, both texts or a call.

It depends, because if the first order was done at the shop, then you’re unlikely to get re-measured, but if it was online, then you won’t have to, hence we have a system to keep all of our clients measurements. However, do keep in mind that your body is most likely going to change and the old measurements may be too big/small for you, therefore the re-measuring yourself will fit your new body type better.

It is very unlikely to happen because we have a final check before we send out/post the items, but if it requires alternation, then we’ll fix it as soon as possible and send you out the items after the adjustments have been made.


If it is worn often, we advise you to dry clean it once every two months, if it’s not quite often then you should dry clean it once every 3-4 months, but if it is worn at certain occasions only and not often then we recommend you to dry clean it every 6 months.

You can find them on the internet and on social media as well, for example; instagram, pinterest, facebook and more or you may find the designs on fashion magazines or celebrity red carpet photos or even movies, series or music videos. We also offer a catalog of items at our shop, whether it is for women jackets, men jackets, shirts, vests and lots. It is up to you on the designs and the whole lot, but if you are ever stuck or can’t choose on a specific design, then don’t hesitate to ask us and we will help you find your design or combine your designs with our years of experience on style.

Our suits are made by cutting the fabric that you have chosen into small parts and components, then doing a rough stitch to proceed to the first fitting. Then small changes and details are made. After that the adjustments are added and the stitching becomes more neat and we proceed to the second fitting. During the second fitting, we check to see if it fits your properly or not. Then the items are finalized and checked before doing the 3rd or final fitting. On the third fitting, we let you try the final product and check the items, just to make sure everything is in place. Lastly, the items are packed and you have them or they are shipped out to you and you’ll receive it within 7-20 days (depending on your country).

They are manufactured in a factory with professional seamstresses and seamsters, who have been in the industry for more than a decade and are well experienced in this field. They surely know their job and have a clear idea of what is being done and what has to be done.

We can definitely copy the design that you have found online. As we said earlier, we can replicate and make it very similar. The outside can be similar, but the inside can be done to your liking and functionality. Whether you would like to add 3 pockets or flashy linings, it is all up to you.


Our fabrics are real and we offer different types, for example; cotton, wool, linen, silk and more. The quality also depends on what you pay for, but please know that even if you’re paying less/ keeping it minimum, you are still getting real fabric and the only difference is the percentage of the quality, for example; 50% cotton. However, fabrics may also be made from a mixture of other different materials as well.

Our suits are made from different materials; cotton, velvet, cashmere and more. The materials for the suit are also listed on our website, so you can take a look on our website.

Fabric for tailor suits in patong

Fabrics for tailor shirts in Patong

Usually it’s about 300 grams per 1 fabric.

We offer a variety of fabrics and if you have the chance to come to our shop in Patong, you’re welcomed to look around at all the fabrics we have for you. If  you are ordering online, you can check our fabrics on our website, located at the navigation bar, we have those fabrics listed for you. Having that said, if you have a fabric in mind, you can tell us and we’ll find it for you.

The number of threads in a one-inch square of fabric, both horizontally and vertically, is referred to as the thread count. The amount of ply and the thread thickness employed both have an impact on it. The number of threads woven into a single thread is referred to as the ply of the fabric. Whereas two-ply fabrics twist two portions together to create a powerful thread and double the fabric’s thread count, single-ply fabrics utilize threads on their own.

We offer a wide range of fabric; wool, cashmere, cotton, silk and more. These listed fabrics are for both shirts and suits. For more information, you may visit our website about the fabric for both suits and shirts, as we have them listed on the navigation bar.

Claims and return policy

Well, if it’s outside or on the package then it is from the posting company. If It is on the items, it is very unlikely to happen because we have a final check before we send out/post the items, but if it requires alternation, then we’ll fix it as soon as possible and send you out the items after the adjustments have been made.

First, you should message us on any social media and inform us that it doesn’t fit, you should also attach a photo of you in the item. Please keep in mind that this is only possible when you have sent us the measurements, but we managed to do something wrong and a mistake has been made. Second, we’ll take a look, to see the mistakes and get another item made as soon as possible and we’ll deliver it to you. Lastly, if you have received the package, please let us know how well it fits and are you satisfied with the overall item.

If you would like to make a return, you may as well tell us and return the item.

We don’t have a complaints policy, but if the item has a problem and the mistakes are from us, for example; the length of the suit is 25, but we made the length 20, the fault is undoubtedly ours. We will make it up to you and give you a new item with the correct measurements, linings, broidery and more.