Top Hourglass

Balancing your gorgeous upper body with your lower body should be your aim when getting dressed. With their ability to conceal your breast while supporting your broad belly, form-fitting materials are the best choice for tops. Deep V-neck shirts will likely make you seem magnificent because they may make you appear taller and improve the balance between the two parts of your body.

Flare, boot-cut, and wide-leg jeans are wonderful alternatives for balancing your style, especially if they are frayed or have additional embellishments that bring emphasis to your stomach. Make your selection from skirts with a fitted waistline and some elegance. A great choice for special events are long dresses that accentuate your curves and slightly flared out at the bottom.

Bottom Hourglass

Your objective in dressing should be to achieve balance because your bottom half is naturally larger than your top half. To make you appear a little bigger on top, use dresses and shirts with scoop necklines. Given that they draw attention to your face, clothing items with puffy sleeves frequently look great on you.

Instead of embracing your contours, choose skirts that skim over the body and have a fitting waistline. When designed of a light material, empire dresses might be a fantastic choice. A great way to conceal some of the weight on your lower half and help unify your two sides is to wear a pair of flared jeans.

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