Wear garments that interfere with your body’s natural shape. If you decide to increase your upper body volume, you must also increase your lower body volume. If you need to add dimension to your appearance, avoid horizontal stripes since they will make you appear taller and thinner. Instead, use smaller prints and vertical lines. To make you appear slimmer and taller, avoid clothing with deep, narrow necklines.

The form of your body is hidden when you wear baggy jeans and pants. The natural contours of your body will be hidden by high-rise jeans, so avoid wearing them.


Choose clothing that doesn’t have any design elements to draw attention to your waist and hangs straight down from your shoulders. Avoid boxy shirts and dresses as well as anything else that might disguise your body’s natural contours. In order to avoid seeming top-heavy, you should avoid wearing necklines that are overly broad or have excessive embellishments. Turtlenecks and boat necks will also throw off the equilibrium of your outfit. Dresses and shirts with excessive amounts of fabric in the sleeves or decorations on the sleeves will not flatter you.

Any choice that adds extra thickness at the waistline should be avoided since it will detract from your body’s natural contours. Do not wear anything with darts, pleats, or other decorations that will draw emphasis to your hips. Avoid low-waisted pants since they will make your hips appear bigger. Avoid skirts that are overly full since they will make your bottom seem too heavy, except if you balance them with a top that has a lot of fullness around the chest.

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