Everything with decorations towards the waist should be prevented.

One should also avoid styles and materials that extend from the body. 

button-down clothes should be avoided, that will gape open to adjust your wider midsection.

Avoid wearing long sleeves since they will highlight your belly, especially if they have intricate design embellishments at the cuff.

Short dresses should be avoided since they bring emphasis to your larger stomach.

This also holds true for pants that have noticeable design elements close to the waist, such as elaborate fasteners or roomy pockets.

Also, you should avoid wearing anything that has decorative elements close to your waist, including belts or big bows.

Round OR Oval

Any clothing that is overly tight should be avoided, especially on the upper torso.

Avoid anything with vertical stripes as well.

Wearing uniform colors will also be something you want to avoid since they would highlight how round your figure already is.

Moreover, stay away from fitted clothes because they do nothing to elongate your frame.

In particular, if you tend to be a bit overweight, stay away from alternatives with enormous or flashy  designs when choosing jeans, skirts, or overcoats since they will make you appear larger.

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