The top portion of the body of a spoon body form is small, and the waist is bigger.

The body form of the pear and the spoon are very similar, but the pear has a bigger stomach area.

To choose between the two, consider where your body collects fat.

You’re likely to have a spoon body type if your problem areas are your hips and thighs.

Given that many people think that the woman’s physique resembles a spoon, this body type has gotten its nickname.

The spoon’s handle is made up of the top body, and the bowl is made up of the lower center.

Inverted Triangle, Strawberry OR Apple

This body type has slender hips, a full chest, and wide shoulders.

Consider this body type when your measurements suggest that your shoulders and chest are slightly larger than your hip size.

The triangle form can be comparable to wider shoulders and a fuller chest.

Although there is no universally accepted meaning, women with fuller busts typically have a bigger upper body, and your hips are lacking shape.

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