In many distinct respects, the female body is exceptional. Women in general want to appear their finest because they enjoy highlighting the body features that make them most pleased.

A typical female’s body shape is quite likely influenced by her parents up to about 80%.

According to studies, some traits and features are easily inherited, such as simple muscle gain.

They show that females with mothers who have an apple shaped body are surely going to have an apple shaped body than those whose mothers have a rectangle shape.

However, the reality that designers design 80% of apparel for neat hourglass figures frustrates many women.

This may often create toxic and poor beauty standards making future generations think that they don’t look beautiful in certain ways.

Straight, Banana And Rectangle

All of your measurements will be within 5% of one another when you are this group.

You won’t also have a midriff that can be marked. This body form may also be referred to as a ruler body shape, a supermodel body shape, or rectangle, straight, or banana.

Pear Or Triangle

This body form is, by means, bigger on the bottom than the top.

Your hip measurement will be at least 5% bigger than your shoulder or bust size if you have a triangle or pear form.

To Check, see if your arm size exceeds your chest size.

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