Thailand is a country where tailors are very famous here and since Phuket is a tourist destination in general, it is most likely to have more tailors than the other regions.


         Other than that Phuket itself is well known for purchasing cheap tailor made items, but do keep in mind that the price varies on the quality of the materials.

         Tailors here also offer a wide variety of fabrics that you could choose both for the inside and the outside.


         Usually for a suit it will take about 1-2 weeks until it is finally done. 


         The process of manufacturing often requires 3 fittings to see if you can fit or not, if you’d like other adjustments being made.


         During these fitting processes, it is better to do it at the shop, but if you’re in a rush, then some tailors may have a service to do the fitting in your hotel room.


         Most of the design could be a copy of anything you’ve seen with some parts adjusted or your very own design that you have thought of.


         Whether it is both of them we do recommend getting a tailor to provide advice for certain details. 


         Some tailors also provide overseas shipping if you’re in Thailand for a short period of time, so check out the shipping prices from your tailor. 


         If you’d like some repeated items being made and your measurements are the same, then some tailors are able to make it and ship it to your country.


         With all of this being said, New David Jone Fashion can be one of your best choices.


         We provide all the services being said above and fitting at your hotel and picking up your final item at your hotel is free of charge.


         Shipping overseas is also accessible and if your measurements have changed, you can also feel free to fill out the form on our services (on our website’s navigation bar -> ) and we’ll create it and ship it in no time.

Contact us for any kind of questions or just drop by our tailor shop in Patong, Otop.