A suit vent is a vertical slit that rises from the bottom hem of a suit jacket or blazer on the backside, for individuals who are unaware. 


          The true purpose of these slits is to provide a little bit more mobility by providing space for flexibility and movement.


          Back when gentlemen in polite society enjoyed equestrian activities in their spare time, suit vents were a distinctive feature on jackets.


          These extra holes in the jacket allowed them more movement and more comfort while astride their faithful horse.


           By doing this, the jacket was able to flow more effortlessly over the rider’s hips as opposed to scrunching or wrinkling over the seat. 


          Therefore, it has an equestrian heritage, and they actually placed the single vent just where it was supposed to be — it was a slit that ran straight down the back, and you can still see it on coats.


          Few people today dress up for this high society occasion, but choosing between several suit vent styles is still a crucial option in classic tailoring.


          Suit vents continue to serve the same utilitarian purpose: they ease the impression of restriction while shifting or seated, stop the cloth from clumping, as well as provide easy access to your trouser pockets without smudging the jacket’s lines when you go looking for small bills.


          Lastly, a suit vent all comes down to your personal preferences and sometimes may depend on the style of the tailored item.


          Keep in mind that you may ask the tailor to assist you and make your choices narrowed down. 


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