No Pocket Flaps


         The no pocket, also known by the nicknames jetted, piped, or besom, appears to be nothing more than slits on the side of your suit jacket. The similarities between them and patch and flap pockets are nearly uncanny.


         When wearing a tuxedo or other really formal attire, this suit pocket style is the most formal and appropriate. They have a very tidy and elegant shape, which explains why.


         Instead of having a cover like patch pockets, piping (jetted) pockets are situated within the garment like flap pockets. The flap is tucked inside, thus they really most closely resemble flap pockets.


         Piping refers to the finishing touch that is applied to the pocket edges in the same fabric as the rest of the suit.


         The piping on formal suit jackets is often satin rather than wool, which is the only difference.


         To align with the bottom suit button, the opening of jetted pockets is positioned in that location.


Pocket Flaps Slanted


         Slanted pockets offer a contemporary twist for a more current approach to style, whilst straight pockets are often more formal.


         The most common kind of suit pocket on the globe is this one.


         As opposed to straight pockets, slant pockets give your suit a more fitted appearance because they are a little less boxy-looking.


         Most of the time, picking a flap pocket is a wise option. Except for a white or black tie occasion when piped pockets are required, this is the most adaptable, middle-of-the-road alternative that will look good practically

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