No Pockets Slanted

         These pockets are hip suit pockets that are angled, which gives it an athletic vibe. When a jacket contains more than one button, they are often aligned with the bottom button.

         The purpose of this design was to make it simpler for the rider to access his pockets and to properly secure objects within when mounting a horse.

         It has a considerably more pronounced slant yet is identical to the hacking pocket nevertheless.

         The no pocket slanted (jetted slanted pockets) is a fantastic option on formal suits and coats due to how elegant it is.

         A well-tailored tuxedo benefits from the smoother lines created by the interior structure of the pocket.

         If you ever come across a jetted pocket on a lounge suit or blazer, you’ll notice that the trimming is made of the same material as the jacket. In contrast, for some tasteful coordination in evening attire, this welt is sometimes constructed from the same satin as the jacket’s lapels.

Fastening Pockets

         These were one of the famous pockets in the past, but now according to the new trends, this style is outdated and many tailors or designs don’t offer them anymore.

         The main purpose of these kinds of pockets are to make sure the items inside are safe and won’t fall out easily due to the secure clasp holding it.

         There are unlikely a lot of occasions where you will need a garment that has this pocket. However, if you desperately need one, then you can ask your tailor to make an additional alteration.

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