When wearing tailored clothing, one of the first things a male sees and appreciates is the number of pockets on a suit or sport coat. 


         It’s common to overlook the pockets when wearing a jacket, suit, or sport coat. The fact that pockets are included for both practical and aesthetically pleasing reasons is something that many people fail to comprehend.


         One benefit of having pockets is that they give finishing touches to your outfits that can improve how you seem and look.


         They also act as pouches for little goods you might wish to carry with you, such as wallets, keys, phones, or other useful items.


         Therefore in this post, we’ll examine the variety of pockets that can be found in traditional menswear, including both more well-known styles like jetted, flap, and patch pockets as well as the ones in our tailor. 


Patch Pockets


         The top of the jacket is left open, and a piece of material is simply placed on top. Since it stands out more than a hip pocket and gives the jacket a much more informal appearance, this type of breast pocket is not particularly frequent. 


         This is why we only advise wearing it with a sports jacket rather than a suit.


         Personally, we would only do this with a Neapolitan maker. The majority of other tailors, especially the English, have a propensity to make larger, squarer patch pockets, which are less elegant and more appropriate for actual sporting jackets.


Pocket Flaps


         The most popular type of hip pocket is the flap pocket, which is a jetted pocket with a flap. One option for the flap is tucking it in; some individuals choose to do this.


          Flap pockets are sometimes found on waistcoats.


         Though there are various acceptable positions for flap pockets, they are commonly placed such that either the top of the pocket or the middle of the flap is aligned with the bottom button.


         Any suit or jacket of this sort may be worn, with the exception of a dinner jacket, where it is not customary. 


         Flap pockets, which keep the elements out of the pockets, are frequently found on overcoats and topcoats.


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