Buttoned Back Pocket

         This type of pocket has a similar design as the welt pocket. These are flattened, closed pockets with a welt or stiffened border along the edge of a piece of cloth.

         However, there is a twist, you can differentiate them and know that it is a buttoned pocket because they have a small button in the middle of the opening of the pocket.

         Even Though, it is obvious for this type to have a button, it’s actually a crucial point for you to recognize them.

         Its purpose is straightforward, it’s to keep your items inside secure and also protect you from getting pickpocketed.

Tabbed Back Pocket

         A tabbed back pocket can also be known as the Buttoned leg welt pocket. It is provided with a robust trimming and a leg which is buttoned on the front.

         As you can see in the picture, both of the pockets are centered and the pocket openings are lined.

         Instead of having a button below the opening area, there is an extra piece of clothing attached with a button making it act as a lock. The lock itself acts as a safety purpose to store all the items in the pouch.

         You can be sure that this is the most safe pocket, safe in this place means that none of your items are going to get lost, unless you get really wasted, which please don’t.

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