No Back Pockets

         Some of you may have seen this design or may want this design on your pair of trousers.

         This design is actually helpful in ways where you won’t get pickpocketed easily.

         You also won’t feel a heavy weight from your wallet at the back which makes it unlikely for you to break any important cards, for example, credit cards, debit cards, national id’s and more.

         Other than that you won’t add any weight on the fabric making you less likely to ruin the shape of your garments.

         These types of pants are usually for athletic purposes, so make sure you’re not going to formal events in one of these.

Flapped Back Pocket

         The flap pocket is basically meant to keep the contents of your pocket secure whilst doing your daily activities or routine, but it does disrupt the shape, making it slightly less formal than a typical jetted pocket.

         Flap pockets are welt pockets with a rectangle of fabric (it is often seen with rounded sides) that serves as the flap. By opening the pockets and pushing the flaps inside, they may be covered.

         For a more sleek yet mature appearance, try tucking the flaps inside the pocket as this may be the answer for the type of style you’re going for.

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