In the infamous place in Phuket, known as Patong, New David Jone Fashion Tailor is setting the standard for fascinating bespoke fashion, combining both traditional craftsmanship with today’s latest trends. This December is all about being chic and sustainable, eye-catching patterns, and perfect fits. Now diving into what’s hot this season and how we are or could be making waves.

First of all, chic and sustainable: fashionable consciousness

Sustainability is the word people are living this December. Eco-friendly fabrics aren’t a trend but choices to make in your lifestyle. Materials that are sustainable don’t compromise on looking luxurious or stylish. Think about stepping outside in a tailor made suit that’s kind to the planet and flattering to your body. A big feel good factor and all in all fashion.

Next, Eye catching designs: to make a statement

Now, fashion in this season is all about making a statement with big patterns and detailed yet rich textures. Think like fearless checks, colorful plaids, and luxurious embroidery. We offer a fresh take on these classic pieces, making sure you stand out anywhere you are. Whether the patterned blazer or a delicately textured dress, they add a unique touch to your collection.

Lastly, The Perfect Fit: making it to your perfection

A tailored garment is surely able to boost your confidence in no matter you do. So, we take precision to a whole new level, ensuring all pieces fits like a glove. Such as tailored suits that hugs your figure just right, to wonderful dresses that roll beautifully, trust us that you’ll feel as good as you look.

In conclusion, if you would like to stay ahead of these trends, keep in touch with us via our socials, and we’ll keep you updated!

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