Oval Type

The center of the torso is broader than the shoulders and hips in a larger man.

Shorter, wider limbs that broaden at their midpoints are a common feature of the remainder of the build, which tends to mirror this.

Men with an oval body type choose clothing that has some slimming and framing effects.

You should also avoid attempting to squeeze into too-tight clothing, which just serves to highlight your body’s mass and gives you a desperate appearance.

Tight fits in the torso are not a good idea. 

Any design element that highlights the midsection, including patterns and visual clutter, should be avoided.

Improve your wardrobe to draw attention to your face by guiding the eye smoothly along the length of your body.

You should: 

  • Wear loose trousers in the waist section and should not wear a belt to tighten the certain area. Pleats should also be a bit widened for comfort with larger bottom areas.
  • Wear suspenders on most occasions to make the stomach not sag down above the pants or belt.
  • The shirt structure should be perfect, not too fitted not too loose
  • For jackets we recommend dark colors with a single breasted design, neckties can also be helpful.

Trapezoid type

Slim and fitting clothing will highlight your athletic body structure. Utilize contemporary fashions with a sports theme.

You run the risk of disappearing into the background if you have an average physique and height.

Always try to include a few different features in your attire.

A little colored pocket square in the jacket’s breast pocket may make a big difference. A quality watch works similarly to shoes in that way.

You should:

  • Avoid large trousers, get them tailored.
  • Go with striped fabrics to make you have a tall appearance and your jacket should gradually decrease your waist making you seem slimmer.
  • Enhancing your shoulder can surely be a benefit.
  • If you need to wear a necktie, then go for the normal ones and don’t go with the odd shaped ones.

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