Triangle Type

Especially as they age, most men have a tendency to have greater waists and hips compared to the tops of their bodies.

As a result, a natural triangle shape is formed, with the waist serving as the base and the face as the point.

Although having a triangle body shape does not always indicate that you are out of shape, it might be difficult to locate clothing that makes your complete body look proportionate.

The majority of men’s clothes are made to provide the contrary impression: that the wearer is wider at the top and slimmer at the waist.

You prioritize creating consistency and structure with your clothing.

You Should : 

  • Wear vertical striped patterns
  • Single Breasted Suits instead of Double Breasted Suits, especially jackets with structured shoulders
  • Mixtures of prints and solid colors will also help concealing the waist area
  • Brighter colors are also a benefit you should give a try

Rectangle Type

A tall, slim frame is typical of men with rectangular body shapes.

The total length of their hips, waist, and shoulders is almost the same.

Use garments to broaden the shoulders and create the illusion of a gentle taper from the top down.

To provide the impression of structure, you must do so.

It’s essential to produce a nipped-in silhouette across the center of the body, and it’s simple to do so.

You should: 

  • Wear many layers and go for layered looks
  • Pay attention to prints, colors and shades, small details
  • Scarves also looks great for this group
  • Structured tailoring items to broaden the shoulders and striped patterns are a plus

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