Getting dressed and being able to present yourself is one main purpose of fashion, the fact that you see many celebrities out there with their iconic red carpet looks may convince you to replicate those outfits. 

Chances are some of the styles may not suit you, hence every human being is born with different bodies and what looks good on others may not look good on you. 

However, don’t be sad, you can always slowly learn about YOUR body type to bring out the most for yourself. 

Nowadays, social media also plays a big role in one’s life, comparing others with yourself can naturally make you feel less confident. 

Thus, embracing the body type you have and being able to express your feeling, mood, vibe can surely make you slowly love yourself.

Inverted Triangle Type

With its base at the shoulders and its tip at the belly button, this body type has a large triangular form. In compared to your waist and hips, your well-developed chest and shoulders are noticeably wider. You undoubtedly work up an amazing muscular pump each week by spending hours at the gym. The shoulders, thighs, and waist are emphasized as a result of intense gym workouts.

Making shopping clothes off the rack might be difficult for this body type.

YOU SHOULD, make your toned and defined body show out the most. Definitely go for fitter clothes to emphasize your body shape. You should also add some width during your lower body to balance out the body.

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