Always keep your suits hung up


         After a hard day, it might be tempting to just throw your suit over a chair when you get home and deal with it later. 


         You won’t regret taking the additional few seconds to hang it up properly. In the long term, it may save you time and money and make a huge impact.


         Leaving your tailored suit on a chair, the floor, or even a bed might cause it to lose its form and wrinkle.


         When hanging it, be sure to use a solid, robust wooden hanger. By doing so, the shoulders’ contour will be preserved.


         Hangers made of plastic run the risk of sagging and deforming the shoulders.


         Utilizing the Savile Row fold is the ideal technique to hang suit pants so that they don’t come off the hanger.


         Additionally, check to see that there is room between suits and that they are not jammed up between one another or other objects in your wardrobe.


         Your suit’s fabric has to be able to breathe and evaporate any humidity that has accumulated during use.


Put proper care into how you wear your suit.


         You should get your suit altered by a tailor if you put on or lose more than 10 pounds. Besides the fact that a poorly fitted suit does not look well, it will also wear unevenly.


         You may get special cotton inserts or a crotch lining put in to prevent the inseam from wearing if you have broad thighs.


         The bottom button of your suit’s vest should never be fastened. Furthermore, you should unbutton the suit jacket completely before you sit down.


Immediately remove a stain


         Spot cleaning with water and a soft cloth should be done if you see any little stains or markings. Avoid rubbing the fabric too vigorously to avoid fraying it.


         Purchasing a clothes brush is another smart move.


         To avoid getting water inside your suit if you get caught in the rain, make sure to brush it off. Your custom-made suit will deteriorate more quickly in water.




         Whenever creases do occur on your custom suit, you may quickly fix them by manually steaming them.


         The suits you wear shouldn’t be ironed. Your outfit may easily become damaged by an iron’s high heat. Being more sensitive and effective in removing wrinkles, steam is a preferable means of caring for your custom suit.


         A hand-held fabric steamer is necessary to carefully steam your custom suit. Holding both legs by the cuffs, start with the pants, and use the fabric steamer as you would if you were cleaning a suit.


         Letting go of one of the pant legs will allow you to finish the inside of the trousers after finishing the outside of the pant leg. Next, flip the pants over and work on the opposite side.


         Don’t hold the fabric steamer to one spot for too long or you may end up ruining your custom suit. 


         Starting with the right sleeve, going across the front to the left sleeve, and finally steaming the suit’s back are the recommended steps.

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