Pleated Pocket Type

         The Pleated Pocket Type also known as round pocket or embellished pocket. The pocket appears to be round unlike the first 3 from the first part.

          The length is not too long or too short, but the width is minimally bigger than the normal pockets. Other than that the pocket is followed by a stitching close to it.

         It provides volume and functionality for the users to provide the freedom to move.

Buttoned Pocket Type

         This type is similar to the seamed pocket type where a particular kind of pocket where the seam line of a clothing is where two pieces of fabric meet.

          However, there is a twist hence in the middle of the lining between the stitch and the pocket has a button placed.

Side Pocket Type

         The side pocket type, mainly known as straight side pockets. The design is casual, but the lining of it can be seen via the stitching pattern.

          If you would like this look on the front of your pants as pockets, then feel free to tell our tailors where we can make it happen and provide you with some advice to bare in mind.

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